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Esli zavtra voyna... movie poster.

Movie (1938)
Russian title: Если завтра война...
English title: If There Is a War Tomorrow

Seraphim Kozminsky (commander of the brigade)
Inna Fedorova (the wife of the commander)

Synopsis Needed

Tupolev TB-3[]

First, acting enemy bombers. Roundels are swastikas, but flipped from the Finnish one. Civil German aircraft never used it underwing. So any resemblance is purely coincidental.

EZV B TB-3.jpg
EZV I TB-3C.jpg

Now flying to the left (Westward) and under the Red Star for the counter-offensive.

EZV K TB-3e.jpg
EZV Q TB-3d.jpg

Tupolev TB-1[]

EZV TB-1.jpg
EZV K2 TB-1.jpg

Polikarpov I-5[]

EZV C Po I-5.jpg

Polikarpov R-5[]

EZV D Po R-5.jpg
EZV E Po R-5b.jpg
EZV Jb Po-R-5.jpg
EZV L Po R-cj.jpg

Tupolev I-4[]

EZV Eb Tu I-4.jpg

Polikarpov I-3[]

EZV F Po-I-3.jpg

Polikarpov U-2[]

An aggressor wearing another insignia.

EZV G Po U-2.jpg

Seen after 26 minutes. This time, an aircraft from the protective forces.

EZV O Po-26mn.jpg

And a last time at 41 minutes spraying a smoke curtain.

EZV P Po-41mn.jpg

Polikarpov I-16[]

EZV H I-16.jpg

Heinkel HD 37[]

Design by Heinkel in 1928 but used only by the Soviet between 1931 and 1934 as I-7.
In 1938, for the movie, the type was decommissioned since long and so could acted as a ground victory record by Soviet bombers.

EZV N was.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft[]

EZV A was.jpg

Unidentified Model (Soviet victory).

EZV J model.jpg

Fokker D.XXI (model)[]

Soviet bombers crushing enemy planes at their nest.
These lines of parked aircraft, only seen on the ground, are closely those of the Fokker D. XXI. Finland ordered seven airframes in 1937 (delivered in November) and built it under license in 1938.


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