Now You See Me 2 poster

Now You See Me 2 poster.

Movie (2016)
French title: Insaisissables 2

Jesse Eisenberg (J. Daniel Atlas)
Mark Ruffalo (Agent Dylan Rhodes/Shrike)
Woody Harrelson (Merritt McKinney and Chase McKinney)
Dave Franco (Jack Wilder)
Lizzy Caplan (Lula May)

The Four Horsemen resurface and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet.

Eurocopter EC145 Edit

Used by London Police.

NYSM2 Eurocopter

Embraer Legacy 600 Edit

Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) and Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffallo) travel's to Macau in this plane.
Despite round windows, all other design matches the Legacy lines.
Registration N78298 (probably fictionous).

NYSM Plane 1 (2)
NYSM Plane 1 (1)

Embraer Legacy 650 Edit

Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine) and Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe) private plane.
Registration N698EE.

NYSM Plane 2 (2)
NYSM Plane 2 (3)
NYSM Plane 2 (4)

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