The Princess and the Pilot Movie

The Princess and the Pilot poster.

Animated Movie (2011)
Japanese title: とある飛空士への追憶

Ryunosuke Kamiki (Charles Karino)
Seika Taketomi (Juana del Moral)

A pilot, despite being advised not to, bonds with a princess when he is tasked with escorting the royal subject overseas and across enemy territory to reunite her with her future husband.

Note: This is an animated work. The aircraft shown in it are therefore not actual aircraft. However, where a reasonable depiction of an actual aircraft has been created, it has been identified as best as possible.

"Santa Cruz" Reconnaissance Floatplane Edit

2018-08-23 21h12 33
2018-08-23 23h37 17
2018-08-23 23h43 27
2018-08-23 23h44 24
2018-08-23 23h54 35

Kyushu J7W Shinden (modified) Edit

note : real Kyushu J7W Shinden didn't have a W wing.

2018-08-23 22h48 44
2018-08-23 22h53 04
2018-08-23 23h41 11
2018-08-23 23h43 14
2018-08-23 23h43 56

Unidentified Aircraft Edit


2018-08-23 21h30 07
2018-08-23 22h52 32
2018-08-23 22h52 52
2018-08-23 22h53 14
2018-08-23 22h53 41

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