Un homme de trop movie poster.

Movie (1967)
English title: Shock Troops

Bruno Cremer (Cazal, chief of the Resistance group)
Jean-Claude Brialy (Jean, commander in second)
Gérard Blain (Thomas)
Michel Piccoli (The Extra Man)

A group of Resistance (underground) fighters break into a prison and release some prisoners. In the hurry, they run outside but discover there may be a spy deliberately planted to flush them all out.

Morane-Saulnier MS-502[edit | edit source]

Morane-Saulnier MS-502 (or MS-505) acting a Fieseler Fi 156 of the Luftwaffe searching for French Resistance (Maquis) fighters.

1H2T MS500.jpg
1H2T MS502b.jpg
1H2T MS502c.jpg

Nord Pingouin[edit | edit source]

Acting a fighter bomber of the Luftwaffe.

1H2T Nord-Pingouin.jpg

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